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Women Invented Which Change The World But, We Never Knew

Below are some women who invented extremely important things in history:


No one needs an introduction to Wi-Fi, but did you know who invented it? Probably no. Hedy Lamarr, an actress of the World War Era had worked on wireless technology to reduce signal issues in WWII.

She never earned money for it and give away for free to the US government to fight the Nazis.

Dishwasher Invented

Josephine Cochrane the inventor of dishwasher had the motivation to help other people and make life easy and by this motivation she invented dishwasher.

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Home Security System

Marie Van Brown invented the Home Security System. The idea of making a Security System is she spends many of her time at the home. So, she was feeling she is not safe so she invented the Security System.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies is everyone’s favorite’. But do you who invented it? Ruth Wakefield

Ruth Wakefield, she was just experimenting with choco chips and she invented it and it becomes a major success.


Florence Parpart made first electric refrigerator.


In 1896 a woman called Letitia Geer invented the first disposable syringe which is we use.

Electric Water Heater

Ida Forbes was the invention of the water heaters. She invented it in 1917.

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