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Women head stuck in metal gate for 5 hours while spying on neighbours

Sometimes you should mind your own business but the women did the opposite and get her head stuck in metal gate for 5 hours.

Image result for women head stuck in metal get for 5 hours

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She was trying to get some gossip to talk with her friend, she was unable to hear the voice so she decided to put her head inside the metal bar to listen the voice clearly but the karma did it’s job.


  1. Puja

    Looks like man.not a woman

  2. Jim

    A man with breasts? Must be California! Ha!

  3. Oriel

    Let the gate fight for my battles 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  4. Ngenda P Charles

    Why did she forced her head in that gate?
    Stupid women!

    • Margot

      She deserve it..she wanted to see or to hear more ha ha..look what happen to her.
      I hope is the best lessonvfor her..tillvshe die..

  5. Nkele Phokela

    How did she force her head over the bars

  6. Sebongile

    Oh God I cant believe this😱Now You See why God hates Gossip

  7. Adrienne

    It’s the ears πŸ˜‚ ppl always stick there head in somewhere past the ears like the opposite direction they’re not going to Get stuck.
    Irony: she ended up the subject of gossip THAT day!

  8. Geeta Bedassie

    She would know never to mind people business again, should be a lesson for her to

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