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Why Chris Hemsworth (Thor) Named His Daughter India?

 Chris Hemsworth was in India last year to shoot for his Netflix project Dhaka. He shot in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. In an interview to IANS, Hemsworth also revealed the reason behind naming his daughter after the country. “My wife (Elsa Pataky) spent lot of time in India and that was where the name originally came from,” Chris Hemsworth told IANS during a group interview while promoting his Sony Pictures’ project Men in Black: International here.

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Opening up about his love for the country, the Thor star said: “I love the place and the people. Shooting there” There were thousands of people on the streets every day and I have never experienced that on set. It was sort of intimidating as it was exciting because there were so many people.”

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“After every take (when the director) called ‘cut’, there was loud cheer. We felt like rock stars in a stadium. But the warmth and support we got while shooting there

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