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Which Month Has The Highest Number Of Birth And Death

The highest number of birth

September 26 most popular day to be born over the last two decades

September 26 was the most popular day to be born over the last two decades, which falls 39 weeks and two days after Christmas day.

8 of the top 10 dates of birth were towards the end of September – with the other 2 being early October. Part of the reason for this increase in births could be due to couples planning to have children at the start of the school year. 

If births were evenly distributed throughout the year we would expect on average 1,800 births each day.

But the average number of births on September 26 was around 2,000.

In late September show that more babies are born in the weeks leading up to and days after Christmas than at any other time of the year.

It reveals that the highest number of births occur at the end of September.

The highest number of and death

A “calendar of death” released today shows more than 221,000 deaths occurred in March over the past five years – nine percent of the 2.46million total in the whole period.

The summer month, despite having 31 days, accounted for just 7.4 percent of death registrations during the period.

February, despite having fewer days than all other months, is the third deadliest month. More than 216,000 deaths were registered on February dates in the five-year period.

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