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What is anxiety, cure and types of anxiety?

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Be aware that they are not dangerous in themselves. It may feel like that they are, the person is about to die but actually they don’t. There are three fairly common types of anxiety disorders

1. Generalized anxiety disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder is normally characterized by excessive constant worrying that worrying can be about a variety of different topics and can be so devastating for a patient that sometimes they will have problems with their sleep their eating schedules and even sometimes manifest with physical symptoms such as headaches abdominal pain and heart-racing symptoms.

2. Panic anxiety disorder

Panic disorder is a problem with recurrent panic attacks and concern of having recurrent panic attacks in the future a panic attack normally is a short period of time normally fifteen to twenty minutes or so of severe anxiety sometimes chest pain sometimes nausea sometimes a feeling like you were about to die almost and these can be very devastating for patients last is social anxiety disorder.

3. Social anxiety disorder

Social anxiety disorder normally relates to anxiety that happens in regard to having a social experience that may be sitting down and having a conversation with somebody being in a large group public speaking and it becomes a disorder rather than just being nervous about a presentation when it becomes so pervasive that it’s starting to be a problem in your ability to cope or to be in that setting or you’re actively avoiding those settings.


Using medications and talking therapies is for a person to understand that these are short lived experiences. They usually pass in about a few minutes.

To remain calm and focus on one’s breathing. If they are breathing normally, that gives the body signals that things are okay and manageable. When those few minutes pass, they would have ended the episode successfully.

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  1. PTSD is the most extreme form of an anxiety disorder. 🙂 You did a nice job giving an overview of what they are for those who don’t understand.

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