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Top 10 Places with the Most Beautiful Girls in the World

most beautiful woman in the world

most beautiful woman in the world

Here’s a list of the top 10 places where you can find the most beautiful girls in the world.

10. India

Indian women are by nature beautiful and mysterious. They have this really nice complexion, alluring and expressive eyes and interesting culture that they confidently flaunt wherever they go.

9. Japan

One of the Asian countries that makes the list is Japan. Yoko Ono became one of the famous Japanese celebrities after winning the heart of one of the Beatle’s front men – John Lennon.

8. Australia

The land down under may have a reputation of having several adult escort services in the CBD like Red Door Agency but no one can deny the fact that the ladies from land-down-under are stunning and confidently beautiful. 

7. Philippines

The Philippines has always been a crowd favorite in beauty pageants. The country has already made a streak of beauty pageant winnings in the past 3 years including a Miss International winner, Miss World and the latest a long-coveted Miss Universe crown

6. Finland

The sixth highest in the rank when it comes to most beautiful girls in Finland. Beauty pageant candidates from Finland have always been a favorite.

5. Brazil

Brazil is a country where men and women are equally stunning. Even the simplest and average individual in Brazil can practically be fit as model material especially in foreign countries. 

4. Sweden

The European country is also proliferated with beautiful women especially in Sweden. Three of the countries Ms. Universe winners are even part of the 13 Miss Universe Hall of Fame winners

3. Puerto Rico

Latin America is the third highest in the rank when it comes to most beautiful girls. Latina beauty is showcased every time at beauty pageants and even in the movies in Puerto Rico

2. Valenzuela

The second highest in the rank when it comes to most beautiful girls in Venezuela. Beauty titleholders from around the world even travel to Venezuela to train and attend beauty pageant schools.

1. USA

The USA is not just considered as a promised land but a land of beauty as well. With 27 beauty pageant crowns on their belt and more than 5 Miss Universe titles to boot, the USA can really be considered as a place where most beautiful girls are. Blonde-haired women dominate the area but you’ll definitely adore the redheads and brunettes as well.

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