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This Circus Uses 3D Holograms Instead Of Animals To Fight Cruelty

There has been a growing demand to boycott the circuses that use animals in their acts. Countries like the Netherlands, Ireland and Mexico have even banned the use of animals in circus acts. This is due to growing concerns about the ethics of confining and training wild animals to perform unnatural tricks. Now, a circus in Germany has taken an innovative step to fight animal cruelty. Circus Ronacalli has begun to phase out real animals in their acts, replacing them with beautiful 3D holograms instead.

The unique concept of using 3D holograms in circus acts – along with the stunning video to prove that it works – has created waves online. Many have applauded Circus Roncalli, which was started in 1976, for keeping up with the times and refusing to use animals in their acts. Others have praised their humane gesture of not using live animals and called the 3D projections “magical” and “stunning”.

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