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People Who Woke Up After They Were Buried

People Who Woke Up In Their Own Coffin

1. She can hear everything

Eleanor Markham was declared dead due to heart failure. She was put into a coffin and was being taken to buried, she made a noise inside the casket. She was rescued, she later shares that she could hear everything around while she was presumed to dead.

2. The child, died twice

Santos was a two-year-old kid who lived in Brazil, woke up briefly in the middle of his funeral. He asked his father for some water and fell back down into his coffin and this time he was declared dead.

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3. Child who come back and took his grandmother with him

An unnamed 3-years-old kid woke up in his casket and died again. His grandmother couldn’t take this shock and she also died.

4. MARGORIE McCALL, lived once, buried twice

Margorie McCall woke up in her casket when a thief tries to cut her finger to steal her ring. The thief ran away and Margorie went back home to her husband who on seeing her alive died in shock. He was buried in the same grave his wife had woke up in.

5. Sister save life

Essie Dunbar was buried but her sister wanted to see Essie one late time. When see one the coffin to see Essie woke up and simply smiled at her sister. She was taken home and she died a few years later and this time she was properly buried.

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