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Most Powerful Passports In The World

10. Slovakia, Slovanai, and Latvia access to 179 jurisdictions around the world

9. Iceland, Lithuania, Australia, and New Zealand passport give access to 180 countries

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8. Czech passport provides access to 181 countries

7. Malta passport provides access to 182 countries

6. Canada, Greece, Belgium, Ireland, Norway ,United States, and United Kingdom passports give access to 183 countries

5. Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, and Switzerland have access to almost 184 countries

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4. France, Spain, and Sweden passport give access to 185 counties

3. Italy, Denmark, and Luxembourg passport give almost to 186 countries access

2. Finland, Germany, and South Korea passport give almost to 187 countries access

1.And the most power full passport is Japan and Singapore passport it give access to 189 countries around the world

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