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Man Bought All Fried Chicken After A Woman Called Him Fat So She Can’t Have Any 🍗🍗

The man Frederico Hill was waiting in the line to buy a meal in the restaurant and a woman and child lined up behind him to get some fried chicken.

Image result for Woman Calls Man In Restaurant Line Fat, He Then Buys All The Chicken So She Couldn't

Frederico heard that the women were saying (indirectly) her child that the man is “fat”.

He doesn’t take it too kindly for what she just said, he plans to get his revenge.

He asks the staff if there is more chicken, the staff member said yes sir, they’re still cooking the next batch that would take 30 minutes to be ready.

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Frederico then bought all the chicken, so the woman behind him would wait for half an hour for her turn to order.

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