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Is Whatsapp Safe To Use And How To Prevent From Whatsapp Hacking?

First of all is what’s that safe the answer is Yes, WhatsApp is safe to use it doesn’t store your personal information other than your username profile picture and phone number.

Which is required to use the app it only uses contacts that you already know or approve of and it forbids behavior that is illegal threatening or intentionally offensive next is WhatsApp secure yes WhatsApp is secure WhatsApp encrypts messages sent between users and the app doesn’t store any unnecessary information.

Be careful about who has access to your device now let’s go over some tips.

How you can stay safe using WhatsApp number?

1. What you send through WhatsApp although what that doesn’t store any content you share using the app once you’ve sent things to one of your contacts it’s no longer in your own control only send things to people who you know and trust that they won’t share personal things with anyone else number.

2. If you see someone else violating the rules of WhatsApp report it lastly number five is an extreme situation occurs contact your local authorities though this isn’t likely to happen if someone threatens you on WhatsApp or you feel that you or someone else is in immediate danger call the police.

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3. Enable Two-Step Verification, go to Menu > Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable. Follow the steps to create a six-digit PIN code that you can easily remember. Importantly, add your email address to retrieve that code in case you forget it.

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