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How to become smarter, here are some secrets that only 1% people knows

Change things up.

 By switching things up, you force your brain to think about what you’re doing.

For example, you could walk a different route to work, or you could try new apps on your phone, or you could even try brushing your teeth with your opposite hand

Every time you force yourself to make a change, you encourage your brain to make new connections.

Take breaks.

Rather than just work straight through the day, take 10 or 15-minute breaks and make sure you get up and move around to let your blood flow and your brain focus on something that’s not work-related.

Listen to music or practice playing music.

Music activates different areas in the brain, which is important for keeping the brain fit and healthy.

Use brain games to stay sharp.

Brain games, puzzle games, and even word games can help keep your brain on its toes and make for a much more useful phone!

Several studies have found that brain-training games improve the “executive function, working memory, and processing speed” of young people. Some games, like Lumosity or Elevate, even state that their games preserve cognitive health in seniors.


Meditation – essentially sitting still and paying no attention to any arising thoughts – a seemingly non-active state also changes the physical structure of the brain. And the change can happen in a short time – only eight weeks.

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