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How Forest Catches Fire?

Forest fires burn millions of acres in the United States or other regions covering most of the land with forest each year and they all begin with a source of heat a lightning strike.

The air to burn that generates more heat which releases more gases starting a chain reaction involving larger and larger vegetation soon whole trees are burning steep terrain helps the fire spread quickly as the hot air rises and heats nearby trees wind spreads.

The heat as well and adds more oxygen to the fire making it hotter the forest can get so hot that the fire crowns are leaps from treetop to treetop to stop fire spread firefighters starve it of fuel by cutting or burning the zone of vegetation.

The fires path water sometimes in the form of foams or gels is used to cool the blaze because water absorbs heat as it turns to steam molecules also crowd out some of the oxygen in the air reducing the amount available for burning fire retardants usually dropped by planes react chemically.

Each year in the United States there are more than 100,000 wildfires that burn, on average, between four and five million acres of wildlands. Wildfires can be started by natural forces, like lightning, but are more frequently caused by humans. 

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High temperature can provide an optimal environment, but it is not enough to cause a fire unless the quantity of combustible material and oxidizer are within appropriate limits.

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