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Countries And There Unexpected Salaries Of Prime Ministers From $1 to $97.2 Million

7. Donald Trump

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President of the US. He gets around $400,000 a year.Donald Trump rejected the salary and worked free of charge.Now he is working one dollar a yearly.

6. Emmanuel Macron

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President of France.He get a salary of $211,500 a year.

5. Angela Merkel

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Chancellor of Germany.She earn a total amount of $263,000 a year.

4. Justin Trudeau

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Prime Minister of Canada.The salary of his is $267,415 a year.

3. Doris Leuthard

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President of Swiss Confederation. The salary of Doris Leuthard, who holds the presidential post for the second time, is $437,000 a year

2.Lee Hsien Loong

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Prime Minister of Singapore. Lee Hsien Loong inherited the post of prime minister from his father, Lee Kuan Yew, thanks to whom Singaporean economics made a rapid start. The son continues the politics of his father. He has the highest salary among all the leaders of the world: it is $2.2 million a year

1. Queen Elizabeth

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The queen’s income is roughly  $97.2 million

All source/information are taken from Google

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