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According To Science Who Is More Intelligent – Men or Women?

Many examinations have been conducted by scientists to a group of men’s and a group of women’s in this research many men have high IQ but some have extremely low and the same thing happens with another group of women

So here we will see ‘facts’ about men and women and based on facts we will decide who is more intelligent

So here are some facts:

Men take a more fact-based approach to their environment, often scanning for threats and challenges. They perceive people and events more deeply and with greater memory capacity.
Them time to think through solutions  Tend to personalize and are more inclined to talk through the issue
Men’s brains gravitate toward facts and logic Women’s brains are toward intuition and emotion.

Men think in straight lines, whereas women think in webs, constantly connecting ideas. This means women tend to bounce back and forth between feelings and facts very easily
Men are good at focusing, getting rid of extraneous data, and pushing full steam ahead. Women are good at holistic thinking, contextualizing ideas, drawing new connections

So, the facts are in front of you now you can decide who is more intelligent.

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