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A Man Didn’t Eat Anything For 1 year, But He Survived And Lost 276 Pounds!

In 1965, 27-year-old Angus Barbieri checked himself into Maryfield Hospital in Dundee, Scotland. His weight at the time was 456 pounds. He told the doctors that he was ready to refuse food to lose weight.

For the entire duration of this unconventional weight-loss journey, Barbieri took supplements since he wasn’t getting any nutrients from food.

The vitamin diet seemed to be working alright since Barbieri didn’t experience any problems that would require him to remain in the hospital. He only had to go to the hospital regularly to get tests done.

After 382 days, the now unrecognizable man had lost a whopping 276 pounds. He’d reached his goal weight of 180 pounds. At the end of his fast, Barbieri was looking forward to a vacation in Spain and a gradual return to eating with a careful eye on keeping his weight stable.

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