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A Guy Got Diabetes After Ordering Coffee Daily For Two Years To Meet A Girl From Staff

Getting a boyfriend or girlfriend is not as easy as some may think.

A guy from Taiwan fell in love with the girl who works at the 7-Eleven near his house but he did not know what to do.

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Since the girl was working at that outlet, he decided to buy a cup of coffee from her every day.

This was accomplished by asking her to prepare his coffee with 5 spoons of sugar.

Image result for Guy Ordered Coffee Daily For Two Years To Meet A Girl He Loved From Staff, Gets Diabetes

A bit surprised by the unique request, she did ask the boy “Wouldn’t this be too sweet?”. And to this, he replied, ”Not as sweet as you”.

And that made the girl give a shy smile and yes his request was eventually fulfilled.

Happy ending for the couple, netizens were shocked by the last sentence he wrote.“Two years later, I got diabetes,”.

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