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9 Years Old Child Disappeared after using a cream, claimed to look 10 years younger

9 years old child disappeared after using a cream that makes people looks 10 years young.

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According to the investigator, the child started using cream to see what happens after using it, after 15 days the little child disappeared, The mother of 9 years old child said.

Initially he started getting increasingly white, then I started noticing he was looking yellow until I finally saw him with a transparency effect. I mean, I could partially see objects that were behind him. I really thought it was because of cataracts that I’m suffering, so I didn’t pay attention to it.

Officers are trying to find the 9 years old child, many say he has gone to the fourth dimension or an unknown parallel universe. And he will be back when he will be 11 years old.

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The beauty company now don’t sell the product to less than 10 years old child the client should be at least 11 years old for buying the product.

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