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7 Places Even Scientists Can’t Explain

7 Unique Places Even Scientists Can't Explain

7 Unique Places Even Scientists Can't Explain

7.Movile Cave

Movile Cave is a cave near Mangali Constant County. It is notable for its unique groundwater ecosystem rich in hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide but low in oxygen. And humans can’t live there.

6. The Hessdalen Lights

Some very bright and brightly colored lights appear in the sky in different colors and shapes. For the last 4 decades and this phenomenon has continued to puzzle scientists.

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5.Boiling River On Amazon

Image result for The Boiling River in the Amazon

The temperature of the river is from 45 degrees C to nearly 100 degrees C.


Related image

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, 3 km west of Amesbury. It consists of a ring of standing stones.

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3.The Devil’s Kettle Waterfall

Image result for The Devil’s Kettle Waterfall

One half of the river goes up to the edge of the falls, but the other half slips into a hole at the top of the falls and disappears and no one knows where the water goes.

2.Fairy circle

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Fairy circles are circular patches of land barren of plants, the shape is between 2 and 15 meters in diameter, often encircled by a ring of stimulated growth of grass.

1.Never-Ending Light Storm

Image result for Western Venezuela’s Never-Ending Light Storm

On a good night, one lake in Venezuela hosts thousands of lightning strikes every hour. The phenomenon is known variously as the Beacon of Maracaibo, Catatumbo lightning

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