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5 Things you should never google

Google can be very helpful, except when you can’t unsee the results. These are a few things that you probably should not search for.

5. Mr. Hands

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When you search for the term ‘Mr hands’ on the Internet you come across an another shocking video That shows a man actually having sex with a stallion. Later, he died due to a perforated colon and other internal injuries.

4. 4 Girls Finger Paint

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A video of two young women using each other like a port-a-potty. “4 Girls Finger Paint” features a quartet of women painting themselves and one another using their own f***s.

3. Your Symptoms

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You cannot rely upon the information available on the world wide web and turning to the internet that too for a medical advice, is the last thing you want to do to cure yourself. Searching your symptoms on the internet is no less than giving yourself a mental stress.

2. Death Clock

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How would you feel if someone says to you that you are going to die in next 5 year? Obviously frightened. There’s a website on the internet named ‘Death Clock’ that predicts the date of your death.

1. Blue Waffle

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Another shocking image comes to you when you enter the term ‘Blue Waffle’ in your Google search bar. Instead of showing you a delicious blue-coloured waffle, it will surprise you with some painful pictures of diseased vagina. Blue waffle is a kind of STD (sexually transmitted diseases) and the internet full of scary images describing the disease. 

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