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4 scientific ways to be more attractive

Being Selfless

Probably their physical features and how great an actor or actress they have come to be.

But you might also find yourself thinking “they are good looking and they do charity work in the rainforest?!”

If it doesn’t seem fair that someone is good looking and kind, you are not alone in thinking that.

Being Funny

People joke that if they can’t be good looking, at least they can be funny, but what we need to realize is that being funny makes people more attractive to us.

Being Confident

It’s attractive because we want to be with people who are confident.

A woman laughing with friends, wearing her favorite dress and heels, scream confidence.

Being Likeable

Some people are just naturally good at conversation and seem to make friends wherever they go.

When someone likes you, you become more attractive to those around you.

Not just physical attraction but good things seem to come your way in life. Jobs, opportunities, money, and of course, love.

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