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10 Interesting Fact About Asia

1. World Biggest Mall

At over 12 million Square feet, the Dubai Mall.

2. Christmas

In North Korea don’t celebrate Christmas. They instead celebrate the birthday of Kim Jong II’s mother on 24th December.

3. Live long life

According to the World Health Organization (WHO).In Japan Man live on an average of 85 and women live on an average of 87.3

4. What is a Phone?

In North Korea, out of 10 people, only 1 have a mobile phone, which makes North Korea bag the award for having the lowest mobile phone density in the world.

5. A Group of People is called?

The Kumbh Mela held at Allahabad, India in 2019 record almost more than 10 crore worshippers. That it was even visible from the space.

6. King Of Fruits

Mango!!. India is the leading producer of Mangoes, providing the world with 16,337,400 tons, accounting for 42.2% of the world’s total production of this Mango every year.

7. Population??

Only China and India are having a population of more than 1 billion on the entire planet.

8. Most Speaking Language?

It’s Mandarin Chinese, which has a speaker base of over one million.

9. Highest And Lowest

One of the interesting facts is that both the lowest point, the Dead Sea (-395 meters), and the highest point, Mt. Everest (8,848 meters) are found in Asia.

10. Economies

In Top 3 economies of the world 2 are from Asia: China and Japan.

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